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                                    Illustration by Ian Peter Hosfeld    



Changing the Trafficking Game

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 The Open Letter Project (NMI 2008)

The Open Letter Project is a national collaboration of producers from the third annual New Media Institute, a project of the National Black Programming Consortium. Working with a diverse fellowship of producers from all across the US, The Open Letter Project harnesses the civic citizen voice through various independent new media explorations -- from locative media mapping projects around immigration, to interactive, user-generated content designed to track the story of fuel consumption. These projects engage the historic energy now being harnessed in grassroots campaigns around the country, thanks to the most recent US general elections, and are great examples of the varied future uses of next-media platforms for community engagement. enables everyday Americans to share their views directly with the new president, his administration and millions worldwide. This user generated website will offer an alternative platform to the ways citizens have historically communicated with their president.

               MALIBU DAY LABORERS


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